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Friday, August 25, 2006

Woo Hoo~~

Hey there everyone!! Well, this is my very try of posting a blog and surprise to say that I've got no idea why I ended up blogging. See, blogging was not my MAJOR interest though as I'm pretty lazy to type about what has been my happening sights everyday... and that's bad!! Being a 19 year old girl with less adventure in life... well I really do not want that to happen~~~ >_<

So, since I'm NEW here, let me introduce some of my very own characteristics ya? My name is Michelle (call me m^tch) and I'm 19. I'm still single and available~~!!! Man, life like this is so much better rather than having someone tie you up like Hell.. well unless your partner's the good + caring + understanding one. I'm a girl & yes indeed I'm a girl. Lack of girlish attitudes and dress-up skills, and with hardout stubbornness, sad to say that people around me do not recognise me as a girl (except my girlfriends). Haha.. it doesn't matter though. Time will tell.. Hehehe..

Well, the interesting part of my life is that I've been out of Malaysia twice where I myself individually flew to England & Japan. Yeap, individually aka ALONE. That was my utmost experience in life being able to go overseas alone. Wanna know why I flew there alone? Come ask me... it's a long story though. Well if there's a demand for my adventure summary, I'll post it on my next blog. Till then~~ ^_^



Blogger 3C5 says...

*walking by ~ ~ ~*

see see look look... eh? eh? time will tell she's a gal? omg... she haven't sure of her gender yet? :freak:

*run away ~ ~ ~*


8:43 am  
Blogger angelfish says...

hi hi~

y travelling alone???isn't tat lonly?
went there for vacations or exchange student programme?


6:40 pm  
Blogger Miracle ADs says...

< agree >

12:40 am  

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