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Thursday, June 05, 2008

After for so long...

Ahhh... it has been approximately 4 months since I last blogged. To my surprise, nothing drastic has been changed by Blogspot, same old functions with the same old keys. I would expect a change in Blogspot because Google is constantly upgrading themselves, (an example of the latest Gmail). Well nevermind! That was not my main concern anyway.

I've just ended my June external papers yesterday and to my surprise, it was worse than last year's. Last year, although nervous the moment when I start the papers but I kinda felt pretty calm even a day before the exams. But for this time round, I couldn't even sleep the whole freaking week and a day before my exam, I was startled with my big round eye-bags! What a hitch!!!!!

Yesterday I finally ended with peace, though I felt like puking right after the exams but it was alright. I was thinking how am I gonna face my finals in this coming December. Sucks la.. I'm going to grad soon, and if I can't pass this thing by the end of the year, I would have to wait for the next seating which would cost me approximately 130 pounds and a wastage of 6 months period. I could do so so so so much stuffs within this time length and money!!!!!!!!!!

GOD! Forget bout exams. Think about the happy things that I'm gonna encounter from today onwards:
1) my 21st birthday is drawing near
2) my photoshoot contract is weeks away
3) my trips to "somewhere-out-of-Ipoh" is also summoning me!!!!
4) etc etc etc..

And the fact that I stopped blogging is that I couldn't find a suitable time to do so, and I lack of inspiration. Probably I have not eaten enough banana. Hahahaha.. research says that a banana a day would keep you alert and your brain would work faster.

AND guess what? I AM really eating banana for the past 1 week, hoping that it could help for my exams.. and the result? We'll see in August. LOL...

Hmm.. ok la.. I dunno what to write dy.. stop here la then..



Monday, February 18, 2008

The all awaiting....

Remember to stay tune to their 2008 movie, Nobita and The Legend of The Green Giant (Nobita to Midori no Kyoujinden).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Day at Taiping

Jam here jam there... what a boring festive season. Damn mind-killing. Ipoh was like a hell, every year the percentage of car on road increases. In fact, Jusco was like a mad place for mad people / last minute shoppers like ME. MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

I've inquired for so many hotels in Penang and KL, hence the results were almost 99% full !!! DAMN IT!!

Thus, we've decided to go for a one day trip to Taiping, on the 23rd December. Taiping was also full of cars and people, especially tourist attraction spots such as the Taiping Garden and the Zoo. We could hardly find a parking space either.

Our first destination was Bukit Larut, but after a few minutes of walking, rain starts to fall. What la... in the end we have to head back.

Henry, the wui soh fella with his "peace" sign.. Hahahaa...

At Bukit Larut, while waiting for Carol who is in the toilet

Taiping Zoo.
HELL LOT OF PEOPLE!!! Such a blardy long queue. Taiping's weather was kinda weird. After a few minutes of rain drops, it started to get sunny bright again, bringing up higher temperature due to evaporation of ground and human sweat. Hahahaaa... So we decided not to go for the Zoo instead of the Night Safari. Basically we're seeing the same stuffs anywayzzz...

At Taman Taiping. Felt like going for a paddle but we skipped. I don't wanna bathe myself on a heatwave. :P

TUMMY ALERT!!~~~!!!!

Finally the sun has settled itself a little, thus we set sail around the lake with a speed boat.

At around 6pm, we departed to hunt for seafood. We stopped by at a restaurant in Mustang (I think so) and the food there was barely a pass. Still, it was okay. :)

After dinner, we headed to the Night Safari. RM10 per entry - somehow or rather, I felt it was a rip off after looking through those animals inside. Hahahaa....

Owls, they're everywhere!!!! There are like a few cages of owls along the way. Why can't they just put it in a same bigger cage lar???

Saw that??? Hehehee....

This fella came close to me (in fact, in front of me) and I flashed it. Hahahah.. poor little fella...

Look what were they doing????

Mouse Deer

Over exposed actually. Hehehehe.....

Henry and baby, pointing at each other's tummy..
Proud of themselves wor.. aisyeh!!!!

Henry with Carol

Our tired faces.. =_=

So, that's the end of our one day trip. Nothing much, just felt super duper tired. On the way back home, the highway was like SO jammed and mentally stuck us for about 1 hour ++. By the time we reached Ipoh, it's already 1am. T_T

That's all folks..

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Souvenirs from China

Last week, my mum went to China for a one week trip and she bought me a couple of souvenirs prior to the upcoming Olympics, which will be held in Beijing.
It was lovely and I really fell in love with both of the items I've got.

Here are the boxes and the little paper bags
-plz ignore the background-

The first one I've got was a key ring, with 5 colour mascots representing the 5 colours of the Olympics flag. Names were given on the following:
Green: NiNi
Red: HuanHuan
Orange: YingYing
Black: JingJing
Blue: BeiBei

The second was a watch. Look so ancient to me but I love it very much. She got us both gold & silver but unfortunately the gold one was given to my "yi-ma" before I've the opportunity to snap it.

Take a look on the inside. Nice?? ^^



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cultural Nite

Theme: Nite de Cultura
Date: 13th December 2007
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Venue: Lost World of Tambun, Sunway

Well, the student council have been organizing this event for the past 3 tired months and on that day, I would have to admit that it was indeed tremendous fun but super tiring. As I'm one of the committee members, I have to be there at 4pm, preparing tables and chairs, pumping balloons and checking specific space for us to load stuffs and blablabla... (you name it).

Damn it!!! It was raining hard-out at 4pm, and we had a blardy difficult time to decorate the stage and so on. When it started raining, the whole place was so damn hot as the rain had just begun to evaporate heat from the ground. The whole place was like a sauna and for a second thought, I regretted wearing long sleeves there. SHOOT!!!!

Things began to turn sweet when we managed to finish our task and preparation at about 6pm and thus we have time to chit chat and some cam-whoring session. Hehehe.. of course we wouldn't wanna miss this session wad.... Hahaha...

The rain began to cease at about 7pm but still it has been a slight drizzle throughout the whole event. BUT that does not stop the whole fun thing huh!!!!

Ok la.. less reading & let me wash your eyes with pretty ladies.. Hehehe....

This is what I wore.. Hehehe...

Lovely girls in the air~~
Hahaha... we're at SYCI, doing a little briefing and load stuffs to the car.

And so it begins...

Taking pictures during our break time..

Inserting booklets to every door gifts

!! "thorn" among the "roses" !!

Kah Lai, Cui Shan & Me
The 3 in 1 "sticker"

"ban yeh" jek...

Teen2 & Me
Don't you think she's gorgeous?

My "dad-look-a-like" friend, Daymen.
He really looks like my dad.

Committee Members

Can't get enough of lovely cherries?? Well here they are..

GOSH!! Can't believe I met my old classmate there.
Niza Mazlin, you've never changed!!!

John & Me
(my junior)

Ken Seng & Me
(my junior)

Hooray~~ I won the 1st round Lucky Draw!!

Tra la la la la~~~

Tips?? Anyone???

Really the odd one out..

The magician made me this!!

Pei Loo strangled me before leaving... and that guard was humorously watching at us!!

Hahaha.... all in all, I had great fun and it was indeed an unforgettable night hey. We have magicians doing some tricks for us and some Latin Dance National Champion showing some moves to entertain us too. They were splendid performers and I wish we would have more guests and students joining us too. In the end, only 108 people turned up.

Well, for the last part, some students even went for a dip in the hot spring. Luckily I left early for I'll be SICK the following day. Hahahaa....

Ok la.. that's all folks. Gotta rush for my dance class. Ciaozz...


Friday, December 07, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWooHoo~~~~Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It's the time of the year again, and I've HAD IT again!!!!!

Yeapz.. I've just finished my external papers yesterday & from today onwards, I'll be GOING BANANAS!!!! WOO HOOO... but this feeling can only last for 3 -4 weeks. After that, I would wave goodbye to my "LOVELY PARADISE" and am really gonna stuck at home/college eating bananas.
~sigh~ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, what the hell am I going to do during the holidays? Hmm... well, let's me just start by flashing back to my last year's December.

"I remember I was really procrastinating time by being an anime-freak couch potato, munching crackers and eating the whole 320ml tub of Haagen Dazz & Baskin Robins ice cream the whole 2 weeks. *I can't recall how many tubs I've eaten* Then, my sleeping hours turned upside down, as in I wake up at 12pm & sleeps at 3am. And yeah, I was seriously trying to gain weight on those but IT JUST DIDN'T WORK!!!!! Then, went out clubbing with my brother & his friends, hang out (yum cha & shopping) with friends and spent my Christmas at my friend's house. Sounds lively but most of the time I'm just being the lazy snake at home, lurking back & forth, searching for "preys". Hehehehee...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
OH YEAH!! And I've spent a BOMB on my International phone calls, "boiling porridge" with my Japanese friends and host parents. SHIT!! But with was worth talking to them. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"

Got the idea of how I've procrastinated my lovely weekenders? That sucks right but I would have guessed some of you might be SOOOooooo jealous with my lifestyle. Nyek nyek nyek~~
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So this year, I plan to stick on my "gaining weight programme" but lessen the couch potato part to something much more "meaningful".
*someone just know what I meant. LOL* Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I guess I gotta make a move now. That damn college is waiting for me to do shits for our upcoming cultural nite. ~sigh~ till next update!!


Friday, November 23, 2007

JUst yOU WAit!!!!!
JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!