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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Summer's 20th Birthday

Her actual date of birth was 18th October but we celebrated it the night before and I just got the pictures from my friend yesterday.

Well, her birthday bash was quite simple but very lively. Thanks to her beloved supportive friends (like me.. hohoho), we made that night a night-to-be-remembered for her.

Upon arrival, the weather was killing us - it rained!!! But that does not stop us from eating an all-you-can-eat steamboat. Hahahahaha... Well, it was so much fun there, especially after our meals. Hehehe... Took a lot of pictures too.

We're strangling YOU!!!!!!!

Yeap.. about 20 of us I think.. :)

After our steamboat session, our second round was at Ice Ice Baby, a cafe in front of Padang Besar Ipoh. The birthday girl had her tiramisu cut and divided among all of us and we had a great time laughing and chit-chatting.

Congratulations Summer Liew Wen Han! You are now 20 years old. May you be blessed in a pink of health and faster get a bf lar... hehehe.. :D

4 guys VS 1 girl.. so unfair =.=''
thanks to them I lost so many sessions ... >.<

Hahaha... this guy lost in "chim wu gui" and his punishment was to kiss her in the cheek. But in the end he negotiated on kissing her head. Nvm la.. still fun. Hehehe...

Yum Yum~~~

I like this picture. Caryn & Karmun was sending "electrodes" on each other. Hahaha...
~zap zap~

That's all folks~~



Blogger Ichitaka Leingod says...

wow, 20 people celebrate her bday? so lucky! It's so nice to enjoy ur bday with so many ppl.....

I wish my bday also got that many ppl celebrate... T_T

12:19 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

Kekeke.. if you would announce your birthday publicly I think you could get the same service from your friends..

Muahahaha.... :P

6:44 pm  

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