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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Bored and tired of things, I've decided to play one round dota with those AI freaks. Well, it's a two on three game, they're all Insane players but "lao ya" ones. Just to get some fun out of winning and at the same time, decorating my inventory with colourful items. Hahahaa.. it was a pleasant sight seeing those items and money you got while playing. BOHOHOHO!!!
Take a look at my Balanar - Night Stalker.

Items bought: Eye of Skadi, Butterfly, Boots of Travel, Vanguard, Sacred Relic and Maelstrom.
Colourful eh? Kakakaka....

AIH~~~ SIEN~~~~


Blogger Ichitaka Leingod says...

fuyoh, godlike liao lor? lol...

Didnt know u play Dota also. Come lets play in Blueserver! XD

2:11 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

Hohoo.. come come.. since I'm quite bored. :D

2:48 pm  

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