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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Me, a Shopaholic??

Nah!! I"m not!! This entry title was meant for me, when I having my shopping-after-half-a-year shopping spree in Penang, last Thursday to Saturday.

I've only bought 10 items, which totally cost me at about RM300++. I hate to admit this but my wallet's now officially an empty nest. Oh Darn!!

Anywayz, the FUN part was the most important part there and yes indeed!! I've had great FUN there!!!

Friends brought us (me & my friends) to savour cheap yet superb delicacies but one thing I dislike was Penang's drinks are always too sweet. I've been to one restaurant for breakfast which serves excellent food but the drinks there are highly sweet-intensed! Furthermore they even put a container of sugar on each and every table. Do they expect our drinks to be more sweetened or what?? I mean it's already damn sweet... swtzz...

Anywayz (again), below are the items bought from 3 shopping malls, for 3 consecutive days.

Knee-Length Pleated Skirt - Prangin Mall

Black with gold dust top - Prangin Mall

Brown croydon boots - VKI

Pink peep-toes - Vincci

Silver sling bag - B&G

Pink wallet - Maggie T

Sleep shorts - F.O.S

White top - B Club

Brown polka dots skirt - Stefeno

Top - B Club

I would love to shop more but the choices there are quite limited compared to KL. Wish to go there one day but sadly I would have to wait till I've collected enough "bullets" for my next shopping trip.

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Blogger Ichitaka Leingod says...

hey, nice boots! try to wear the whole set and take pics ma... XD

10:26 am  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

hahah.. that boot's just cost me RM64.
wear the whole set? For you to see is it? ceh...

12:15 am  

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