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Sunday, June 17, 2007

14th June - My 20th Birthday

Ahoy guys & girls. Finally I'm being 20 and this year I celebrated my birthday with a little bit of a special occasion. All in all, special thanks to my friends and family. ^^

Well actually nothing really special to post about... just felt like posting something in compensation of not updating my blog for the past few months.

Since this month is really happening, I might as well take this opportunity to post something out of nothing.

House party - together with my course mates

My old time favourite Black Forest cake..
~~yum yum~~

Me, trying to open a bottle of champagne..
was actually trying to find victims to pop out those foams over their faces..

They made me wear this!!!
Well, it was given by my course mates & I loved it so pretty much!!!~~!!
Thanks girls~~

Rebecca purposely drop by my house to pass me this!!!
Aww.. thanks a lot girl.. muaxx

Red wine from Soon Keat and Luen Mou..
thanx dudes~~

Bear-in-a-jar, creativity by Annie;
contributed by Annie, Soon Wai, Tan Sri & Irish
thanks a lot peeps~~ ^^

A USB fan from Teoh and Mike
very useful indeed for hot weathers esp. when I'm dota-ing
Nyek nyek nyek~~~

Top & a passport holder by Kok & Tammy
Very nice piece of top & I don't need to shop for clothes for a month liao~~
Thanks a lot ya~~ ^^

Last but not least, a full-of-prank gift from my college mates.. =.=''
Can you see a small round box over there? That's the present they gave me at first & I was like "HUH? Aren't it just an eraser?" and the best part is they purposely show the price tag, worth RM1 right at the back of it.
Next up they handed me a snow spray, so I took revenge on them but right after they knew that spray was about to go KO, Yip handed a bottle of snow spray (which he kept it somewhere secretly) to EACH & EVERYONE OF THEM!!!!
Damn!!! There it is! I was PUNK-ED!! Well they "kena" me badly & later on they passed me a BIG PINK BOX with a MASHIMARO inside. Hahah..
You guys are funny~~~

OK so that's all about it.

And after 5 days when the flowers were about die off, I re-furnished and recycled them into a new piece of flowers. The last surviving flowers were the 4 roses & some leaves.

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends whom made such effort to send me text messages & some Friendster comments to me. I've received 26 birthday text messages and 25 birthday comments on Friendster. Thank you so much. o(^^)o

All in all I had total fun this month, full of glory and sunshine around me - external exam's done, assignment's done, my first sem's done too.
Next month will be a hurdle and so I'll take this opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.



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