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Monday, July 30, 2007

The "too-bad"s

"Too bad... how I wish I've had it done..."
"Too bad... you should have bought it just now... "
"Too bad... I should have eaten that thing hey..."

So many "too-bad"s... but what to do.. this is life wad. If there's no "too-bad", everyone could become a fortune teller and there would be no meaning of life.

Hmm.. well, this post was not meant for letting go angers or whatsoever. It happens to be me, saying the two "too-bad" words repeatedly today. I bet I've mentioned it like a million times.

TOO BAD!!!!!!
Hahaha.. Mitch, You SUCK!!!

Oh well anyways, my biggest "too-bad"-of-the-day was not bringing my camera around to take shots when I'm attending several birthday parties this month. Not to mention special occasions like birthdays but other days like friends outing etc etc would be great too. You know what? I've been really socially active within these few months (which was RARE) and I've bumped into a lot of surprises and unexpected stuffs (eg. unexpected creatures roaming around) and you know what? It's pretty darn wasted for not capturing it for memory sake.

I have this really *disgusting* short-term memory & say what.. It really disgusted me. Upon of all, I have not been utilizing my ye'olde camera for goodness sake!!!!

So I'll just briefly babble on who are the happening people and what's happening around. Tee hee~~~

P/S: Photos below were grabbed from various friends, to be named anonymous.

1 week ago:
Xinn Yinn's 25th B'day,
chocolate moose cake

1 week ago:
Xinn Yinn's B'day
a group photo (candles out)

1 week ago:
Xinn Yinn's B'day
Chucking in the candles

1 week ago:
Xinn Yinn's B'day
a group photo (candles in)

(uncomfy intuition. sigh~)

That's all folks..


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