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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I was a little kid, I've always admired people who can design big things (like houses & interiors) and also drawing cute little pictures, bringing a touch of humour yet touching scenes or actions.

Right now, I've been greatly in love with inner depths of creativity --> Art & Design !!!

The word Art is vast. It really depends on how you personally look at it. To me, Art is everything. An Art is something like a beautiful portray of your imagination, being able to translate it into your naked eyes, sonic ears and peculiar emotions. What you see or hear is what you feel.

Why do I admire them? The only reason why is that they are always able to make people express out emotions. Either happy or sad, neither touched nor impressed; needless to say, they are GREAT people. Besides that, I realised one thing: they are always the HAPPY PEOPLE!!!

See how one of my friend's group project can make you go speechless -->

The Commercial: PEPSI
Venue: Hin Loong Hainan Chicken Rice Restaurant, Ipoh
Production Year: 2003

So what do you think? Funny? Ingenious? Pure? Or just some Pathetic Lameness? Hahaha.. I think it's a mix of all. Well the best among amateur videos but I think they're EXCELLENT!! *Mind that they're still 1st years*

I've got so many dreams, so many plans of becoming the "somebody" in the future. I've been thinking of taking the Art & Design course too (since I'm an Art student back in High School) but somehow or rather, nature does not allow to do so. I've even planning to indulge myself on Forensic Science too but no money. :(

In the end, Marketing!!! Oh what the heck? When you grow up you don't go solely on these things. You can do other better things too ya? SO what's the fuss here? Nah I'm just being an admirer. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

OK la.. enough of those "Wii Wii Wahh Wahh"zz. Time to end this.
Till next time. Chaozz..

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Blogger leongsoon says...

LOL, didn't know you read my blog; I just found out cause a friend sent me the link to your blog, hehe. That isn't Hin Loong la (where's Hin Loong anyway?), I think it's Kar Pin, at the Jln Leong Boon Swee - Jalan Panglima intersection hehe. Those are my IT-multimedia classmates then :)

11:37 am  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

Oh yea.. it's Kar Pin. I remember it's near my school (MGS) coz I used to have my lunch there.

Haha.. Yeap. I just found out your blog like 2 days ago & I found it interesting to share it out with my friends.

Sorry ya, plz dun charge me for copyrights. Hehe.. :P

4:30 pm  
Blogger leongsoon says...

Hehe, no prob, glad to know somebody actually likes the video :p My friends have problems trying not to laugh their arses off after watching it :p

11:57 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

Hehehe.. I was actually pressing my stomach, laughing so loudly & hilariously. I showed my brother too & he says it was awesome. Hahaa..

I'll link ya ok?

12:32 pm  
Blogger leongsoon says...

Sure thing, free publicity never hurts :) Now that I've suddenly found out that so many people I know have blogs, I think I'm gonna link em all up, when I ain't lazy, of course :p

4:03 pm  

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