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Thursday, August 02, 2007


Today I felt the urge to clean my room, after for so many months. Well, my words sounded contemporary & promising but the fact is I've only cleaned 1/3 of my room portion. BWAHAHAHA. Was very lazy nia~~

Ok! So, when I was cleaning, I felt like I was in a game of treasure hunt. Darn!! How come so many stuffs went hidden in my cabinet? No wonder I can't find those stuffs back. Well that was part of a bad point = being disorganised, but the good part was, it refreshes back my memories. Having stuffs hidden for so many years and suddenly it pops up right in front of your eyes can sometimes make you shed tears.

"AHH... those where the days~~"
"OMG!! I can't believe it. It's... it's.... (sob sob)"
"Thanks a lot peeps... (sob sob again)"
"WOW!! A 10-inch thick DUST!" *oppss, not a correct expression at this moment*

While I was wiping all the small shelves, I actually found these!!!!

Item No. 1:

A charm bracelet given by my best friend, Yuet Meng
The acronyms represented Me (MC) and her (YM)
Girl, do you still remember this? You would not have guessed so but I actually brought this along to Japan since it's a farewell gift for me b4 I fly off.
Miss ya loads, girl. Wishing you all the best in Nebraska & stay cool forever ya? ^^

Item No. 2:
Litmus papers!!!
BWAHAHAHAA... this is really funny. I actually "stole" some out of the box while doing an experiment in my school's Chemistry Lab, when I in Form 4.
I took like a bunch but I only found one of each.
Hmm.. was the blue one to test Acid & the red one to test Alkali?
Haha.. I forgot but anyhow I should have taken that pH meter as well. Geezz...
A souvenir from school. Kekeke!!!!

Item No. 3:
Oh I so miss them!! I've actually got a lot more but really have no idea where have I chucked them. Well, at least I found 4. (^^)v
The blue (faded) one was a Librarian batch, when I was in Std. 5-6.
The orange one was my secondary school name tag, from Form 1-5.
The black one was from my body uniform society, The Girls' Brigade.
The white one was from my High School I attended while I was in Japan.
AH~~ fond memories~~~

Item No. 4:
This Music Box was brought at Taiping (if I'm not mistaken) while me, having a school trip there. That will be my first & last music box aka jewellery box I own.
I do not intend to buy another one in future. This is already enough.
WHY can't I find this big thing around my room? It's because I've kept it intact somewhere above my bookshelf. BWAHAHAHA!!!! *how careless =.=''*

Still Item No. 4:
Inside the music box - a ballerina spinning while the music flows
Music: Swan Lake
Nice ey? :)

Item No. 5:
This necklace was found inside the music box.
Why would this be nostalgic? It is because this was my very first necklace in my life (besides when I was a baby la.. i dun remember things when i was a baby), given by my dear mum.
Well, until Std. 4 I think.. she thinks that I should have something hanging around my neck & so she bought me this!!
Thanks mum. I love ya~~ ^^

Item No. 6:

A pig in a ball. This was given by Jennifer, while we were having a Discipleship Camp in Penang for 3 days. Well, it was meant as an early Christmas present as we did some gift exchange. We were given a box to draw out names - to whom you will exchange your presents to - but by fate, we drew each other. Hahaha.. That really surprised us.
I've kept it inside a cupboard & now gonna hang it on my cupboard knob.
Thanks Jenn, miss ya girl. ^^

Item No. 7:
SNAP & OLD MAID cards!!! OMG!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT I'M STILL KEEPING THESE!!!!! Does anyone still remember how to play these??? Hahaha. It's such an old game. I remember I used to bring them to school & played them during classes (coz lessons were dead boring!!).

Still Item No. 7:
OLD MAID cards. This is very similar to Happy Family cards.. eh no, in fact it's the same. They changed the pictures only. LOL!!!

Again, Item No. 7:
SNAP cards. Graphics are almost the same. Hehehe..

Item No. 8:
Anyone still using Pen Eraser? Hahaha.. I would favour a liquid paper rather than these!!!! You know what? It's hard to rub off pen marks and sometimes when you're rough or having a bad mood, you're gonna make a big hole onto pages. I hate those. The textures disgusted me. Dunno why hated to touch 'em. :(
But I'll keep it for memory sake :)

Hmm.. I was wondering, are those cards still exist or extincted? I wish I could play them again but my friends wouldn't wanna play them anymore. They favour "adult" playing cards. Ceh!!! (Oppss.. I have no right to be pissed off coz I favour that too :P) Hehehehe....



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