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Saturday, September 01, 2007

=+Merdeka Eve+=

This year's Merdeka night was fun but tiring, although "Merdeka" was just an excuse for me to enjoy for a day. I'm not a very patriotic person, especially towards Malaysia (sorry to say that). Kekekeke...

Okay. So you guys wanna know what have I been fooling around for the past 24 hours? You know... I haven't been sleeping for at least 24 hours. Been staying awake the whole Merdeka day celebration.

So first up, on the 30th of August 2007 was my parent's 26th wedding anniversary, so we started our evening with a scrumptious dinner at Overseas Restaurant. Next up, went to DNA fun pub for some fun drinking + enjoying the "akua" show, "fresh" from Thailand. LOL... and you know what? They're not as unpleasant as what I've expected. Following up was a countdown party whereby we grabbed our party bags and bang it on with those poppers and stuffs.

At about 12am, my brother surprised me with his presence at E-Box, which was right above DNA pub & so I joined him and his friends for a little karaoke session. That does not end my Merdeka day!!! Following up was a supper with my brother and Ryan (his friend) and then went to Ryan's house for an all-night (or should I say all-day) mahjong till 5am. Last destination before reaching back home - breakfast at Foh San.

Damn tiring. By the time we reached home, that's like 8am. I haven't been sleeping for more than 24 hours, all day + night partying. WOOHOO~~~SYOK-NESS!!!!!

Shiau Leng & I, my long lost ex-schoolmate
It's great to see you back girl.. ^^

Some performances by the band. Dunno what's their group name.

BEHOLD!! Finger-in-a-hole!!
(don't think nonsense)

Accidentally met Syndi Ho. What a small world. Hehehe... ^^

Wookay~~ the akuazz

I seriously thought that among all of them, the one in gold pants had the most attractive looks.

She... made me speechless.

Look at her. Sexy? Haahhaa...

She has the closest figure of a woman. Not bad not bad...

The one in yellow really freaks me out =.=''

Calvin & Ryan, goofing & singing around respectively...

Ryan, singing with passion

Night lights round the beer bottle. Can't see the beer bottle??

The time was 7.30am. Caught in the act. Hahahah.....

He was not aware at all!!! Luckily he did not snore or else I would record it down. Wakakakaka~~~

So long folks. Happy Independence Day. Who cares anyway? It's the holiday that concerns. BWAHAHAHA.....

Yours lovingly,


Blogger eeveehow, says...

Wow, i never know ipoh has such place for celebration, haha!

1:20 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

wow.. I never knew you blogged!!!!

where did u found out my blog??

sei yan tao!!~~~!!!


9:47 pm  

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