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Friday, October 19, 2007

Cameron Highlands Day 1

Yoyoyo~~~ I'm back with some new photos. Well last week, it has been a very happening week for me, with going around places for holidays, yum-cha session, meeting old classmates and so on. And so, on the 14th me, my brother and his gang of 4 went to Cameron Highlands for a 2Day1Night stay to catch some breeze and de-stress ourselves (konon la).

BUT!!! All of the sudden I received an sms from "uncle" somewhere in noon telling me that he's in Camerons too. WHAT THE!!!!!

Uncle: A hi from camerons. hehe.. dun club too much.

Me: EH?? I'm in camerons too la .Where are you now?

-Then uncle called me up and we talked bout our whereabouts-

-Few seconds later, uncle sms me again-

Uncle: Haha.. how the heck you can be in camerons? =.='' so ngam timing de

Me: Hahaa.. how would I know la.. Ish...

Uncle: You stalking me ka? haha..

Me: Ceh.. stalk you for wat? No benefit also.. Ceh..

Uncle: Ish.. you memang mau kena poke. Eat BBQ also... now can count 3 times also no time. hhahahaa..

Me: Eh if you wanna join us also can. Enough for 20 ppl also..

Uncle: Haha.. so many ppl. All also i dunno. also i sleep only. and have steamboat later. have fun then.

- Sei uncle.. =.='' -

Oh well, don't care bout him la.. let's move on.
Up next : pictures !!!!

After our lunch.. tiring and sleepy~~ =.=

But we had tea at Bala's first before heading to the apartment

Bala's Tea House facade

A group photo

Inside the apartment. While we're trying our butts off to start the fire, Suk Ching was cam-whoring.. NBTD!!

Evening. The guys are down grilling & BBQ-ing while we girls sneaked up and curi makan.. Hehehe...

After our dinner, we drove ourselves up to Puncak Brinchang. Before that, cam-whore in the car sin.. Nyek nyek nyek~~
(My brother, Suk Ching and Me)

Reached!!! IT WAS SUPER COLD!!!!!

We climbed up a tower, which was like 5-storey high. Can almost see some droplets of snow falling liao. Freezing like hell and I think it's nearly to 0 degrees (I'm not joking!).

Yeah Yeah.. 3 gays there are trying to withstand cold for 10 minutes, barely naked.

UNDIES REVEALED!!! Look at Calvin (mid), sticking his torchlight over there!!!!
Ryan (left) the berbulu-ness!!!!

AHH~~~ touch me baby~~

Day 1 ends here! -----

-To be continued-

P/S : I've just uploaded partially for Day 1. For more pictures, feel free to visit http://mitchchin.multiply.com/photos/album/40



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