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Sunday, August 27, 2006


1st Agenda : "M^tcH, I need your help.. Recently, I found out that I do not like him anymore as he makes excuses about having no time to be with me, and ... .. ..."

2nd Agenda : "Michelle, need some help here. I had a gf recently but started to feel some changes in me towards her. What shall I do? Shall I continue my relationship with her but with this kind of feeling? I'm confused!!"

3rd Agenda : "Girl, need some advise here. I cannot stand him anymore. I wanna call for a break up but mm seh tak er.. How? How? *crying*.. .. .. "

Well, within this week, I've received 3 cases of BGRs (Boy-Girl Relationship) all seem to have trouble, calling for SOS. Well, first of all, I would like to express my gratitude for remembering me as their friend whenever they're down or happy, and letting me realise that I'm worth being a friend to them. Secondly, why ask me about BGR ler? I'm no expert here as I don't even have a single dating experience with guys here la.. but anyways, I kinda know how they feel though & I will try my best to be their unleaking jug, hear their stories patiently & at the same time console them. I will not give them advise but instead an opinion sharing. I guess being a friend is all about this.

Say.. to me, life is like a stage play : you act as a role given by someone and I truly believe that God gives us the role as is either a boy, or a girl and it's up to you to sharpen up your skills of an act or how to develop a happy ending. Within this process, there will be boulders ahead as obstacles and you shall prevail it no matter how hard it is. Some of them thinks that they've made the right decision to call for an end and some regretted on doing that. Some thinks that getting back together again is worthy but some thinks it's vice versa. Well, to me, anything goes laa.. as long as you're happy with it, then mai OK lor..

Two days ago, I went for a Financial Planning Conference by AIA and if you imply these things onto it, it matches and when you start to have a serious relationship, planning and saving must come first into your mind. No matter what, whether it's a home loan, education or family planning programme, planning and saving must be on top of your mind. Try not to let the 'love is blind' concept to fog you up and make you go cloud nine. When people tell me 'Cehh... i'm just 19 la wei.. too fast to think about these things. Moreover, 19 only ma.. sai lou ko wan lai sa ler...mm wui cheong kau geh..' Well, I don't think so. Later you'll regret if you don't start to think. Hahaha...

Well, I've told to some of my bestties and they strongly agree with me and there's a girl whom I think doesn't admit it after hearing her 'mum' lecturing about this but she really is planning something on mind.. hahahah.. way to go girl!! AND I'll surely miss you when you're gonna spend your 2 year degree programme in US. Well, I wish you all the best and try to meet your bf more often than you've expected ar.. Meet your target of life dear.. Hahaha...

お互いに頑張りましょう!!(Together we strive hard)

Loads of love,

P/S: I still don't understand why the picture went up! It's suppose to be down.. But anywayz, from right : Me, Yuet's Mum, Yuet Meng


Blogger 3C5 says...

u need to click on the pic and drag it down after u uploaded it while u r typing ur blog entry... aho-san... :w

7:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

Hey... Thanx MC.. for everything..Looking at ur blog here, i can know that u're ready to start a real relationship on ur own n i bet u'll handle it with tender n care.. sloving problems between u two. The problem now is that u'll hv to find a bf. But no worries girl, the right wan jz isn't here yt. The better guys r yet to come. Just give some patient dear.Here as a friend, i'll like to dedicate u 3 words. Well, apart from "I lv u", theres this 3 words which i think is important in all of the teenagers, college students.. n all single ppl outthere...these words actualy made an impact on me.. and i hope they will turn ur point of view around about"love". Therefore, i'll end my comment to u MC, with these last 3 words...

take care,
love ~ mysterious~

1:26 am  

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