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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hahaha.. What a coincidence. I was just wondering, why the name/nickname of "Nunu" is so famous?
In my life so far, I've came across of 3 users which/whom carries the name/nickname "Nunu".
Let's take a look of the examples below....

(Feebz's dog)

Shih Tzu
(My friend's dog)


Hahaha... life is full of coincidences & I don't mean anything bad. I just found it pretty adorable. Best remarks to the 3 of them.. (^^)

P/S: Er.. so sorry to the one with the nickname Nunu. If it's insulting just let me know & I'll delete this post..

So Sorry & Thank You.



Blogger angelfish says...

mitCH-chan, miss u ne.
no worries about this post.
korkor nick was from a pet also. KEKEKE.. he's nick was formerly casa. but in order to disturb CCjie.. when xettie just started he uses NuNu instead. and he ended up using that nick since then.


how r u?
take care always ya.

5:08 pm  

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