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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY 2007

Last year I celebrated my CNY in Japan & this year I did it in Ipoh, with a brand new circle of friends I've made everrsince I enter college. Although the streets & scenery (physically I mean) are a little bit quiet than before, but for me, I had the best CNY ever in my life. 2 words = getting active!

Less words and more pictures.

First day of CNY, chor 1 - Family Photo. Hehe... ^^

Chor 1 - Single shot of me, wearing my new dress specially for this year's CNY, I guess...

Next - I received a few packets of cute cute angpows & so before I demolish it, I've decided to make use of my camera to make this alive within my naked eyes. Bwahahaha!!!!!!

Aww... a CNY card all the way from US. Thanks Yuet Meng. You're always my best friend. Muaxxx!!!~~~!!!

Chor 8 - Lou Sang Lou Sang. Sorry.. I forgot to bring my camera for the rest of my Chor 3 - Chor 7 activities. Hahahah... For the whole 8 days I haven't even sit on my house sofa properly. Been wandering around. :P Anyway, my last Lou Sang, with my bunch of gila-gila friends!!~~~!!!!

Chor 8 - Me & the sweet girl, Yen Ling

Chor 8 - All girls.. nyek nyek nyek~~~

Chor 8 - Seng & Ping, mabuk-ing

Chor 8 - Bai Tin Gong at Su Ann's house. Hahaha.. first time I see people Bai Tin Gong. Such a huge pig there (Yi Zhu)

Chor 8 - Preparing for the ceremony. It's almost 12am & I'm actually feeling kinda nervous. Hahaha...

Chor 8 - There they are, burning some papers laid on the roadside & her dad breaks the bamboos & throw it into the pit fire as well. Hmph.. wonder why...

Chor 8 - THE MOST AMAZING ENCOUNTER OF THE DAY!! FIRE THE "PAO JEUNG"!!! OMG OMG OMG~~ First time also... :P (so "san pa".. hahahahahah... )

Chor 8 - Pili Palak Pili Palak... Well, that's the end of my adventure (or was it the FUN) for this year's CNY. I'm really happy & satisfied with the activities here & there. Praying that this year will be fulfilled and embraced with joy & prosperity for everyone.

Best of Luck & Wishing you a Happy Pig Year!!



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