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Monday, January 22, 2007

McDonald's Adventure

Aiya.. very lazy to update blog la but I've promised some of my friends that I will update one as soon as possible but really don't know what to write. So, on last Friday (19/01/07) Nunu posted something about this McDonald's Game .Those who are interested can try this out hey! And so, I've decided to beat Nunu's record since he's so lansi.. (heheeheh... just joking la..) & viola!!

This was my 4th attempt and see what results I've got in the year 2083..

Hehe.. still got 144K left.. *whistle*

Year 2084, this little guy shouts that the cistern is full & yet there are still so many cows being well-fed..

Haha... this is a bit horrible & kinda embarrassing.. 4 lands left unfertilized & became a vacche. Hmph.. this is bad.. but still in year 2085, there are still 95K left for me to spend.. hehehe...

Speechless... not much customers though.. hehhee..

Hey, I'm not that bad.. was not hated by the civilization & ecologist. I'm Customer Friendly.. :D
But of course with a little bribery of here and there... Hehehehhee...
And guess what? That night I had McD's for dinner too. Muahahhaahah... so it's a double McD for me. Guess that's all for now. So Long!!

M^tch the pemalas


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