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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Xettie Ipoh Trip

Well well, here's my long awaited update. Dated 22nd October, 7 of us made a happy trip in Ipoh in search for local food & caves. Hehe..

Waited for Cheryl in Ampang's Kopitiam.. From left : Vearn, Me, Feebz, Cheryl, Nom, Xavier & Hazel.

Then everyone packed inside Xavier's Avanza for our journey to lunch. Hehe.. the driver will be Vearn & Xavier's the cameraman for this picture.

Phew, naik Perak Cave, to tiring & leg pain. Long time didn't go for exercises.. Lazy people like me.. *sigh* >.<

We are at the entrance of Perak Cave. Everyone looks so exhausted.. V_V

Before dinner, we went to Jusco for a 30 minutes walk. Look at this Xavier & Cheryl, trying to take pictures among themselves at Jusco's rooftop. Hehehehe....

Dinner at Menglembu's "wai sik kai". Haha.. Nom gulped that "wan tan mee" like ONE BITE. *sweat* Everyone seems to be enjoying their dinner under the roof of one heavy rain. ^_^

After dinner, all went for yum cha at Brown's Cafe. This cafe is pretty unique as in each table was given a piece of mahjong paper & a set of crayons for us to draw on the table, a set of playing cards & UNO too. Whole night chit-chatting while playing UNO. Hehe.. pretty cool, hey??

Another "chuen ka fook" !!!!

23rd October. An exrtemely early breakfast at Ming Kok Dim Sum Restaurant. Aih.. so blur & eyes still cannot open properly. Luckily I didn't fall down the street while walking.

After our early breakfast, headed for another cave near Ampang, the Kek Look Si Temple. Hehe.. nice pose leh.. 3 guys & 3 girls, very rhythmic..

Hahaha.. walking down the alley of "STONES". That's ouchy.. My foot is even worse than those 60++ grandmas. Less exercise, what to do?? *sigh*

Then we drove ourselves to Sam Poh Tong. Here we are the 4 "mei luis", surrounding that "male" unicorn.. Heheheh.. Those who've seen Cheryl's photos will know what I mean.. Hohoho... ^_^

That's Xavier, Vearn & Me at Sam Poh Tong. That day sure is a bloody sunny day.. ~.~

Took this picture before we left Sam Poh Tong & this declares an official dismiss to all the 'Tongs" in Ipoh. Hehe..

RouRou, these are your lovely friends who remembers your birthday & each of us holding a present which we have chose & bought for you.. Heheh.. Make sure you eat all ar..

Alas, time to say goodbye ler.. :sob: :sob: Before they left, all of them came to my house for shower & some rest and a goodbye picture. Saw Vearn taking picture for us?? Hehe.. I forgot there's a big mirror at my house & it reflets.. :sweat:

Well, an auto-shot but kinda blur. Nvm ba. Anyway, really nice to have you guys around & I really enjoyed myself very much though I was being nervous at first.. ~.~!! I hope all of you enjoyed your stay in Ipoh as much as I enjoyed myself being with all of you. ^_^ I'll be waiting till the day we meet again.. --(^_^)--

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Anonymous SoLiD says...

next time you guys at ipoh shd come out to penang...

3:17 am  
Anonymous hazel says...

next time when u know we go to Ipoh u should come to find us as well *whistle*

9:49 am  
Blogger rourou says...

ahhhhh make me jealous nia you ppl.. but thanks a lot~~~ very gam toong sob sob :D

4:39 pm  
Blogger 皆比尔 says...

next time when you guys never plan to anywhere, then you should stay at home... :w

Anyway, I really enjoyed my trip to Ipoh. Although driving alone was :( sien... But still, I feel worth it lo... :lol:

Thanks mich for the "hotel"... *wub*

5:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

wow...a trip at ipoh... looks like u enjoy urself.. a part from living at ipoh practically ur whole life... haha.. i nvr tot ipoh was so much fun.. haha and i always complain ipoh was boring excluding all the nice food. well, u really must show me next time MC. ^^b

5:35 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

eh miss anonymous, u're from ipoh too la.. jgn berpura-pura.. <_<

5:43 pm  
Blogger PhoeBz_Hom says...

thanks for the trip guys, i really enjoy it!!!

6:07 pm  
Blogger danielctw says...

hmm ipoh...
all the guys so big size :P

11:46 pm  
Blogger SoLiD says...

*insert some comments here*

5:36 pm  

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