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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Week Full Of Colour

Hmph.. last week, dated 4th - 10th September was a week full of colours. Why leh? Hmph.. let me tell you my timetable of last week.

4th - Wah lau.. a day before my exam starts. See, stress or not? Moreover it's a Monday and so I consider it as a BLACK Monday. No time for dota, 02jam, sdo and so on.. -sigh-

5th - EXAM!! The subject is CA (Computer Application) & I thought it might be an easy job so I did not study for this eventhough the lecturer already gave us hints on what to study. She even gave us the website to check things out as she said that she'll pick most of the question from there. See I so 'lansi', & never bother to study and I'm uncertain of my answers in nearly half of the questions. So I consider it as RED Tuesday for uncertainty and DANGER!!

6th - EXAM but last day!! (Wow, 2 days only?) and I had Statistics in the morning and Macro Economics in the afternoon. Well, for Stats, I think I will lose at least 10 marks for that but MaEC was good. I managed to answer every question but still, not sure. Anyhow, overall it was OK but a bit gloomy for the test and moreover it's raining the whole day & so I call it the BLUE Wednesday.

7th - YAY!! Exam's finally over but still I have to attend Marketing class for another week more. What la.. where's my SEM break?? ~sobb~~sobb~ Anywayzz, today's my full enjoyment day & after class, had lunch with the usual 2 (K.L & C.S) and had Little Man as to celebrate 1 week of independence (ya right!) Oh, I forgot to mention about an invader(Vearn, ya it's you) had joined us for the movie. Gee, that movie was sure an awesome one. It's as good as their White Chicks production 2 years ago. Later, went out with that invader again (admit it, it's you!) for a RM2 Sushi sweep-out at Sushi King for pre-dinner (Adui, 4.30pm dinner time liao?) and because of your effort into compiling that 'book', you really made my day. THANKS A LOT!! ^_^ Eh, make sure you use it la.. jgn ada muka saja tarak isi nanti.. And so, I declare this a YELLOW Thursday. Bright ma... Hehe.. ^_^

8th - Aiyo.. raining again? But nvm, look what I've discovered at my mini-garden :

Hehe.. long time din play with slugs liao.. maybe coz of the rainy season, they once again make an apprearance for me. Hehe.. Well, as I was in a good mood that day, I've decided not to kill it but instead set it free. (^.^) Oh ya, forgotten that I've had a meeting with Teen Teen & that Apek(you again lor, who else?) at Kopitiam. ~sigh~ Of all places, why Kopitiam geh? But anywayz, thanks for the milk tea. Not fat for me though.. Hehe... (^^) VIOLET Friday because it's my favourite colour and coz it brings a lil Blue shade due to the rain today..

9th - Oh boy! Because I've had some complications at 12.00am++, so I'll forward to Saturday. Not a very good day, not in a mood to do anything also. Can't sleep well after "that" incident last night. Wanna talk to someone but couldn't find anyone to talk to when I've got the mood to share it out. Had been very emotional the whole day, can't even start my assignment. ~sigh~ Whole day rot at home everything seems so blur. Therefore, it's GREY Saturday.

10th - Finally, I'm back to what I am and been quite busy too. First, I followed my mum to do errands at my grandparent's house. Then, had my facial after hips of weeks and immediately I felt rejuvenated!! Then I've asked my mum to drop me to the local cc as she's heading to her sam-ku-look-po business and I dislike being there. Noisy & really NBTD!!! Dinner at Sushi King again in Jusco and 'sun bin' go shop around. Bought the'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. I've always wanted to read that. I wonder what's interesting inside as everyone seem to talk about it. Hmph, I'll fit it as WHITE Sunday because I felt neutral today. (sorry, can't highlight white!!)



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