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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


とっても嬉しかったよ、君が笑いかけた、 (I'm just happy that you gave me a smile)
すべてを溶かす微笑みで、 (Just like a meltdown endearing smile)
春はまた遠くて、 (Although Spring is still far)
冷たい土の中で、値吹く時を待てたんだ。(Under the cold earth, We're only waiting for the bud to blossom)
例えば苦しい今日だとしても、 (Even if I'm feeling sad today)
昨日の傷を残していっても、 (And yesterday's pain was left behind)
信じたい心ほどいって行けると、 (Yet I want to believe that my heart can go on)
生まれ変わることはできないよ、 (We cannot be reborn again)
だけど換わっては行けるから、 (But we can CHANGE in a way)
Let’s Stay Together,いつも。。。 (Let's Stay Together, Forever)

Fruits Basket : For Fruits Basket (Genre : Anime)



P/S : Sorry about the Japanese version as this is the only way on how I can express my feelings, for now. I'll try my best to type it English the next time I'm onto something.. Hehehe.. ^^
Oh ya, the song script was translated by me & I hope you'll understand what was I trying to encode. Enjoy.. ^^



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