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Thursday, September 14, 2006


There was once lived a young man, whom his age of a fresh graduate, felt lost in everything in a year. He had lost his current job and not able to find another job due to frictional reasons, had a car crash and wasn't able to use the car for weeks, his best friend died in a snatch-theft robbery, rainy season gets in his way, gloomy weather darkens his day and most important of all, he failed in courting his beloved girl. Everything comes in a sudden impact, and he describes himself as a Failure.

As a 'Failure', he cries and ponders what has happened to himself before he blames others. What are the mistakes done? Or was luck to be blamed? He even cries right in front of the girl the moment she rejects his pure intentions. He picks up comments of that young lady and even of his previous ex's. Having known the reasons of his love life failure, he often questions himself: 'Was being too soft about relationships made it a failure?' 'What's wrong with being nice to them?' 'Do girls like hardy and scrupulous type of guy?' 'OH! I GIVE UP!'

He really had enough of it and shuts his heart temporary & not to think about relationships anymore. Months past and the year has finally come to an end but yet he still likes her and do not want to give up on her. On Christmas, he even gave her a ring and told that girl to wear it if she accepts his offer. No matter how long, I'll wait. In the end, the result shows negative.

From that incident, he began to crumble, day by day, longing for an answer, longing for a positive result. Sometimes, he had thought of ending himself but he has decided to be determined to live life on. It might take him months or even years. Until now, the hole in his heart was discrete but slowly mending it. He believes that although live was hard, but as long as you live life happy, everyday will be a bright and sunny day eventhough it's sad and ironic. Everyday is a God's blessing, a bonus of live, a token of love. He also believes that whenever you felt you cannot do it, do not say " I can't!" but instead ask yourself "Why can't you?"

This story was created by me and I think it strongly applies to eveyone in this world. I was sad too about today's incident and story that I've heard but I would not shut myself up into a room of darkness but instead lead myself to my 'secret garden'. Hope you appreciate reading it.
Thank you.


Anonymous BlahBlahBlak.... says...

hmmm......sad the story just circulates on one premise.....hope....

Problem with your story....grammar, comprehension, and story.

Oh, The Secret Garden is actually a book then it was made into a movie.

10:09 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

No dude, the secret garden that I mentioned here was not from a book but an imaginary garden made by oneself, and thanks for the comment of my story an 'everything-a-problem' here. Haha..

1:25 pm  

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