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Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Day Trip to Cameron Highlands

Last Sunday (26.11.2006), me & my family made a one-day trip to Cameron Highlands with the purpose of savoring some of their tea & to buy vegetables. At the same time to feel the cool breeze there, which was totally pathetic. The weather there was nuts!! I think it must have gone haywire. The sun comes out like playing hide-n-seek & when it comes out, you can feel it burning under your skin and when rain comes, it pours like a waterfall for 5-10 minutes. What the......????

Anyway, our first stop is the Tea House & you could not imagine that my dad almost drank a cup of tea with a BIG FAT FLY on it. YES!! I MEANT FLIES!! This whole tea house was infested with heaps of flies "hummering" around & they're all fat & well-fed. Stupid tea house, would never wanna go there again.

Oh well, and for the price to pay, there was a huge tea plantation next to this tea house & it was indeed a nice scenery. There it goes, a picture for this lady & Viola~~!!!

At last, food is served. Mua Favorita, Scourn (or how you spell it; :P)!!!! The bread is a little bit too soft, guess they've fit in too much water but the strawberry jam was SUPERB!!

Can you imagine how hot it was? I'm wearing sunshades & a spaghetti strap shirt. Here's one of a flower garden in Brinchang.

HOLY SHIT!! WHAT IS THIS??? Nah, it's a strawberry ice-cream. Very commercialized here but to me, it's more of a home-made strawberry ice-cream. YUMMY!!! There, I met a whole bunch of LCLY S'porean who's trying to negotiate the price when it's already cheap. They wanted to buy it back to S'pore & asking for cheaper price if they buy in 20's. That man has already given them discounts & yet they still want more. What the heck? & you should see how they speak English. I think we M'sians are better English speakers than them. Arghhh.. bunch of idiots!!!

Cactus Valley, but selling flowers more than cacti (plural for cactus, pronounce it as cac-thay). And that's my dad.

Alright, almost sunset & we're heading back. On our way back, we spotted Berlin Hotel had a little fire emergency & need US to extinguish it. Oppss!!! Well actually we're searching for toilets & guess what? YEAP! We seclude into one of Cameron Highland's most expensive hotels to "lepas air". Muahahahaa... & for che memoir, a NTBD photo???? muahahahhaha..... :P

That's all for now. Bubye~~!!



Blogger Ricky says...

1st thing i see, is the shoe...
so big.... XD
2nd thing i see, timun parents so young 0.o *envy*
3rd thing i see the strawberry ice-cream so nice *drool*
4th thing i see timun look so lovely =P
5th thing i miss cameroon highland T-T

3:15 pm  
Blogger danielctw says...


3:16 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

dv... :blush:

3:17 pm  
Blogger SoLiD says...

all i notice is the SCONE i really love them with strawberry jam

3:26 pm  
Blogger Becky says...

My my!! This pretty lady really did enjoy herself ya!! Never keep some scones for me har?? Sobb sobb!!

10:45 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

haha Becky, if u wan geh than i bring you there eat FRESH ge lor.. :w
Heheheh..... ^_^

6:36 pm  
Blogger 皆比尔 says...

hmm... I miss cameron highland... :(

8:34 pm  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

xavier, u can get to go anytime u like wad.. :)

9:16 pm  
Blogger danielctw says...

cameron highlands, fraser's hill, Bukit Tinggi, Genting Highland, out of all these, I prefer Cameron Highlands, Frasers come in second

2:58 am  
Blogger angelfish says...

waahHHh.. looks nice. never been there yet.
mitch-chan.. din ask me along...

9:41 pm  

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