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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

---Farewell Dinner---

Well Well Well, I'm quickly back again with another update. This update was dedicated to my beloved best friend, who is soon leaving for America. ~~SOB~~ ~~SOB~~ I'm gonna miss you so so so much.
VENUE : Indulgence Restaurant
TIME : 8pm
DATE : 20th December 2006

First off, the classy menu. Muaahah.. this restaurant is not really a fine dine "thingi" but it's classy & expensive enough to be one.

OKAY~~ see all the leng luis first before our meal comes in. All of us are ex-classmates. Come come.. let's vote.. Heheheeh!!!

Here comes my soup. 1 plate of Mussels & Clam Soup with Tomato Base which cost me RM18.00. .......O.o.....

Next, some special pasta, they name it Grappa. Haha.. Full of Olives, which I don't really like to eat but it taste nice too, with all the juicy Grapes lightly fried & those yummy Prawns. Hahahaa...

Alright. Stomach full & it's time for some digestive activities. Muahaha.. photo-taking lor.. what else? Come vote again.. heheheh...

In front of a Christmas tree...

Sitting on people's restaurant's bench...

And in front of people's shop. Hahahah.... We're SO NBTD!!!! Wakakakaka ~~~~

Ok, so long for now.


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can i vote for the food?.. XD

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