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Monday, December 25, 2006


Haha.. let's take a look on what I've got for my Christmas this year. First up is a gift exchange from my friend's house & look what I've got! SNOW SPRAYS!!! muahaha... I rule there. Actually that was my idea on giving out Snow Sprays for gift exchange so that whoever gets it will get to enjoy spraying people but I've already bought a keyboard arm rester, so I ask my friend to buy it as a gift instead. MANA TAU in the end I ter-picked it. Lucky for me.. Hehehehhehehe...

My second & most valuable present is this SE Z610i, from my dad. Haha.. I've always wanted a new phone. Eversince I came back from Japan, I haven't been getting any new phones & well, here it is. :D

The PINK version out of Blue & Black. The exterior.

The interior.

My last pressie is from my brother's gf, a soft toy. She said I look like those "licik" fellas so she bought me a RED DEVIL for Christmas. Hahaha.. so funny la..
Yeap. Only 3 this year and I'm happy enough. XD

Merry Christmas & New Year's update will be coming up next. Happy Boxing Day.


Blogger Daniel says...

hehe...same color blouse :w

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