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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pieces of My Heart

And so the snow.

Far away the cactus flowering.

White morning making

my hands sting.

Lilies in a refrigerator

losing scent.

Tell me the weather

wherever you are.

Let snow send its angels—

lay down and wave

numb arms.

Deepening drifts.

We who are left

like mailboxes along a country road

huddle together in the cold

awaiting word.


I ASKED no other thing,

No other was denied,

I offered Being for it,

The mighty merchant smiled.

I ponder towards it,

Hoping no other than an answer,

Procrastination was a middle name,

And so Shall It be DONE.

With the guidance of late Emily Dickinson and "early" Kevin Young

Summarized by the mistress of this blog,


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