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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Redang Retreat (Underwater Shots)

Ok. so this is update is plainly about our snorkeling trip. As we do not have those underwater type of cameras, they've got a team of experts to do the trick.

Damn it.. see how blardy smart they make money. They charge us RM5 per pick in which they only put it on a CDR & DOES NOT wash it for us. I've got like 6 pictures solely only on me, & it cost me RM30 !!!! What the heck??

Oh well, nvm.. Okay~~ so here's everyone's solo pics & some group photos taken. First off....~~~....~~~~

Lap is pointing at nowhere.. hahhaha...

Chai Peng floating so straight..

Chiang Seng & Su Ann (er.. you dun have ur solo pic ler su Ann.. ^^)

Chiang Seng, trying to be cool~~

Me, dunno why found this pic a GREAT one.. lalalala~~~*whistle*

Kian Yang is trying to pose like Superman no.2... let's just hope he doesn't do the "Ah Wong" pose underwater.. hahahahah...

Yen Leng is nervous~~

Calvin's teeth is too OBVIOUS.. Muahahaha~~~

Chee Seng is trying to "fly" underwater..

Group pic no. 1

Group pic no.2

NEMO FISHES~~~ I love this picture so so so much~~ ^^

Lovely & colourful Corals..

That's all folks...


Blogger danielctw says...

Hmm that's where one should learn to take up scuba diving

2:06 am  
Blogger --m^tcH-- says...

uncle.. u teach me lor.. i dun even know how to swim leh..

10:56 am  

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