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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Miss Nostalgic~~

The owner,
Dressed in black,
Feel like a goner,

In an empty pack.

Years are numbering,
Weeks are throttling,

Days are forwarding,

Seconds are invading.

Working out is what's best engrossed,
Which fumes were never in vain,
But when two stress crossed,

It's alwa
ys in pain.

Back to the lands of never-worries,
When people holy shits,

Laughters, giggles and epic stories,

There's where we drop-in-pits.

As always,
It's encouraging,
Yes indeed,
But all I can say is...
Twas the past.

Hmm... I guess this picture was taken when I was in Form 2..

Mitch is feeling slightly nostalgic~~


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